About Us

Automatic Industries, Founded by our CEO Bob Savino in 1971.

Automatic Industries is the only “woman-owned” laundry route operator in New York.  Denise is the second generation, Bob’s daughter. She joined the company out of college and now has over 30 years in the industry.

Automatic Industries is family-owned and operated.

We are local! We are not a national company!

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We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary!!!!!!

We Design & Install Central Laundry Rooms for Multiple Dwellings in NY, NJ & CT.

Unlike most other companies in the industry, Automatic Industries is local to our marketplace. We serve a diverse customer base including apartments, coops, condos, college dorms, affordable housing, transitional housing, and marinas – all in the Tri-State Area.

Automatic Industries is an experienced route operator with ironclad references.
We hold customer service in very high regard. We look forward to many more laundry-filled years to come.

Why should you select Automatic Industries over a larger, national company?

We provide the differences that only people can make. From installation to level of service, we do more
than just sign an account and disappear. We are in contact with the consumer for the life of the agreement.

We build and maintain central laundry rooms with no
upfront expenses and no maintenance hassles.

“As the superintendent in an upscale apartment building in Manhattan, the majority
of my day revolves around catering to the needs of my residents.

AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES has been servicing the laundry room in my building for the
past five years and they have excelled in providing topnotch service. If there was
ever a problem, a quick phone call answered by live people in the office has always
led to a technician available within 24 hours.”

– Superintendent

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple. Automatic Industries will provide the machinery at no cost to the property. We will conduct all repairs, carry liability insurance and pay a rental fee for the use of the space. It makes good economic sense for any property.

Why shouldn’t I just buy equipment?

There is more to operating a laundry room than just collecting money. There is maintenance and customer service support associated with a running a laundry room. Inevitably, consumers have questions. This is another reason why Automatic Industries has live people answering the phones during working hours.

How is this more cost-effective?

There is no capital outlay for the property. In addition to providing the machinery, in some applications Automatic Industries will provide other useful amenities such as paint, tile room & room furnishings.

The Right Equipment for the Job

We are a local, family-owned professional laundry company with the trained eye necessary to choose the right equipment for your property's laundry needs. Click below to review our wide selection of laundry equipment options.