Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

Laundry rooms are an essential component of apartment buildings. Residents rely on laundry machines to wash and dry their clothes. However, if the machines are faulty, outdated, or inefficient, they can create a host of problems, including long queues for the building residents and high energy bills for building owners and managers. Laundry room problems are a common reason residents get frustrated and move out. This leads to a poor reputation and a low retention rate for apartment buildings. 

At Automatic Industries, Inc., we can optimize your laundry and offer you a new source of revenue. We will provide you with high-quality laundry equipment that we own and maintain. We also process all the collections. This allows you to get the laundry solutions your multi-dwelling building needs without any added stress for you.

Our service is a source of revenue for you as we pay the rent to use your space. To learn more, continue reading.

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Types of Laundry Equipment Ideal for Apartment Buildings

Laundry room equipment comes in various shapes and sizes. It helps to know the types of laundry machines so you can make informed decisions on what your apartment building needs. 

Commercial Washers and Dryers

Commercial washers and dryers are designed to handle high usage, making them ideal for apartment buildings. We offer laundry card systems, credit card payment systems, and mobile app payment systems with our commercial machines — the choice is up to you!

The durability of commercial laundry machines is an important consideration as the high volume requires the machines to withstand frequent use while continuing to deliver consistent performance. Another important factor to consider is the size of these machines. Commercial washers and dryers come in various sizes, and you don’t want massive machines that undercut your energy efficiency when you can get by with smaller options- our team of experts will recommend the best configuration of machines for your property. 

Some modern washers and dryers come with advanced tools, such as programmable settings and smart controls. You will have to assess your specific requirements to determine which type of laundry machine is most suited to your apartment complex. 

Stackable and Compact Models

Space is often an important factor in apartment buildings, and that’s why stackable and compact models for laundry equipment are so popular. Laundry machines that can stack offer practical solutions to limited space. Depending on the dimensions of the room, stackable models can help increase the capacity of the room.

Energy-Efficient Options

While energy efficiency is a feature in several types of laundry machines, some are specifically designed to maximize energy savings. Even small savings in energy bills can accumulate to a substantial amount in the long run. With rising energy costs, energy-efficient options have become increasingly popular with apartment building owners and managers. An added benefit of these machines is that you reduce your carbon footprint as you consume less energy. 

Multi-Load Size Options

Multi-load-size laundry machines cater to the diverse laundry needs of residents. They can be used for laundry loads of all sizes. 

To choose the best type of laundry equipment, you must consider size, efficiency, cost, and other factors. It can often get a bit overwhelming to decide which laundry machines are best for your building. You can offload this burden by allowing Automatic Industries, Inc. to install and manage your laundry facility. As a local company serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we understand the laundry needs of apartment buildings in the Tristate area.

Key Features to Look For Laundry Room Equipment for Apartment Buildings 

Programmable Controls

Programmable controls have become one of the most popular features of laundry room equipment. This feature allows you to customize the wash and dry cycles based on your needs. 

The top models come with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to adjust the settings. Programmable controls help with choosing the correct cycle for the fabric of your clothing

Smart and Connected Features

Apartment residents are more tech-savvy than ever before. Not only would they appreciate smart and connected features, but it can also help building owners with energy optimization and payment integration. 

As there are a variety of smart and connected features, you would have to assess your needs to determine which tools suit you. The most popular tools for smart and connected features include remote monitoring, and mobile apps. 

Maintenance Requirements 

It’s frustrating for apartment residents to find laundry room machines out of order or under maintenance. Building owners should strive to minimize laundry room downtime. The best way to do this is to have machines that offer excellent durability and reliability so that minimal maintenance is needed. 

Automatic Industries, Inc. handles all maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about it. We understand the importance of regular maintenance as it helps provide uninterrupted operation of the laundry facility.  

Benefits of Upgrading to Automatic Industries Laundry Machines

Building and managing a laundry room facility can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can rely on us at Automatic Industries, Inc. for all your laundry facility needs. We have built and operated laundry rooms in all types of facilities, including apartment buildings, condos, multiple dwellings, and colleges.

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The quality of the laundry room services is vital to the overall experience of apartment building tenants. Our services can help you improve tenant satisfaction and retention rates. With our laundry room solutions, you can enjoy cost savings in terms of reduced utility costs and no maintenance costs. You also add another revenue item through the rent we pay you for using your space. 

You don’t have to invest in equipment, which can be a significant amount and can disrupt your cash flow. Rather, you can enlist our services where you don’t have to buy, operate, or maintain laundry room equipment. 

In addition, with optimized laundry facilities, you can enjoy enhanced property value and better marketing ability to grow your revenue. Whether you are looking to build a new laundry room or upgrade existing machines, we can simplify the process for you as we handle all aspects of laundry service. 

Contact Us to Optimize Laundry Room in Your Building 

At Automatic Industries, Inc., we have built a reputation as trustworthy and reliable service providers by delivering outstanding customer care and service for over 50 years. We are proud to be a woman-owned and family-operated business that has helped local communications optimize their laundry facilities.

We offer a wide range of laundry solutions, and we carry equipment from some of the best brands for residential and commercial laundry equipment — including Speed Queen and Wascomat LaundryLux.
To consult with one of our experts at Automatic Industries, call us to set up a meeting. After assessing your needs, we can prepare a personalized quote for you. We look forward to hearing from you.