Multi-Housing Laundry

Property owners looking to increase the satisfaction of their tenants and the value of their buildings should consider the use of multi-housing laundry systems. Automatic Industries is a leader in laundry services and provides durable equipment for all your laundry needs.

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Understanding the Significance of Multi-Housing Laundry Solutions

When you have a large property with multiple housing units, one of the most important things to consider is the convenience of laundry services. Your tenants or guests will appreciate having on-site laundry facilities. In addition, you can increase your profits by providing laundry services on your property.

Having laundry services on your property can also be a big draw for possible tenants or guests. These services can increase your property value in the long term and help your property thrive.

Installing laundry equipment on your property is a choice that has little to no downsides. In addition to increasing property value, this convenience improves tenant and guest satisfaction while requiring minimal maintenance with the right equipment. Should your equipment need maintenance, Automatic Industries also provides that service for you.

Tailored Laundry Room Equipment for Multi-Housing Properties

Multi-housing properties have unique needs when it comes to laundry equipment. You have to consider managing the space and procuring the right equipment to cater to your tenants’ needs. It’s important to choose the right supplier that can optimize your space’s efficiency.

The team at Automatic Industries is knowledgeable about how best to optimize the space in a shared laundry room at a multi-housing property. When you decide that you would like us to install our equipment on your property, our team will survey your site in order to recommend to you the best laundry solutions for your unique needs.

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Multi-Housing Laundry

As mentioned, laundry rooms at multi-housing properties have unique needs. As such, it’s better to choose commercial-grade washers and dryers. These models have a much larger capacity than a consumer-grade model so they can wash and dry significantly larger loads of laundry. The models that we supply include Speed Queen and Wascomat LaundryLux washers and dryers.

Stackable and Space-Efficient Models

Another challenge faced by multi-housing laundry rooms is the issue of space. If you have multiple units, one of the most convenient ways to optimize the space is with stackable front-load washers and dryers, or smaller space-efficient models that will make it easier to include more units. These reduce the amount of space used in the laundry room so that more units can fit inside. This increases efficiency and saves your residents’ time.

Key Features Essential for Multi-Housing Laundry

Multi-housing laundry is unique in comparison to individual laundry. There are different needs to be serviced to make the experience as convenient and efficient as possible. Certain factors can make this process easier to manage.

Quality-of-life improvements to machines and payment systems can improve customer satisfaction and help boost your profits in the long term. This not only helps customer satisfaction but also makes things easier on the manager of the property as they will have fewer variables to deal with.

Programmable Controls on Commercial Laundry Equipment

Your residents have a wide range of needs when it comes to their laundry, such as varying preferences for time spent in cycles and certain intensities. Because of this, it’s important to give your residents a variety of options for how the machines wash and dry their laundry. Customizable wash cycles are convenient for residents as they allow them to do their laundry their way.

Secure and User-Friendly Payment Systems

Our payment system allows your tenants to load a card with funds using cash, a debit card, or a credit card, a pre-valued gift card, and EBT. The tenant can then use the card for fast and easy payment. This is a simple and secure way for tenants to pay for laundry services without the hassle of managing coins or other cash payments.

Automatic Industries also has a mobile app that can make a tenant’s experience even simpler. With all of our services combined, Automatic Industries makes the user experience of doing laundry a simple and straightforward one.

Smart Technology Integration

With the rapid development of new smart technology, it’s no wonder why laundry systems are adopting them. Smart systems are helpful in all industries, and they can be especially helpful when managing many multi-housing laundry machines. Smart systems improve the efficiency of your laundry services and can help you notice problems before they arise.

Certain technologies like smart monitoring can help us see a problem with a machine before it breaks down, which can limit downtime for the machine. This helps keep your machines running smoothly so there is no lapse in services.

Maintenance can be done regularly with the help of smart technology to prevent issues from pausing your laundry services. Smart technology overall is helpful to ensure that your laundry services are running smoothly and don’t have a chance to falter anywhere along the way.

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Benefits of Choosing Automatic (Industries) Solutions for Multi-Housing Laundry Solutions

Choosing automatic solutions for your multi-housing laundry needs can increase your tenants’ satisfaction and your building’s retention rate. When your tenants are satisfied with the convenience of their laundry services, they are less likely to try and find housing elsewhere because their needs are being met. You want to make sure that your machines are properly maintained and serviced so that your tenants are always happy.

Another factor you should consider is the benefit of choosing energy-efficient models for your property. These types of models can save you money by not using as much energy as a less efficient model. This can further increase your profits from running laundry services by lowering the utility costs.

Installation and Ongoing Services

Automatic Industries offers professional installation services to ensure that your machines can run at optimal performance. We ensure that your machines are installed properly and professionally so they are ready to operate immediately.

We also offer regular maintenance of machines that we have installed to ensure that they are always running properly. You can rest assured that your tenants will always have access to quality laundry services, improving their satisfaction.

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When you decide it’s time to install commercial laundry equipment on your property, place your trust in the professional team at Automatic Industries. We can install washers and dryers at many different residential properties, such as multiple dwellings, co-ops, condos, or apartments. We also provide 24-hour maintenance on all our machines and equipment so that your residents or customers are never without laundry services.

Once you have decided you’re ready to install laundry machines at one of your multi-housing facilities, fill out our quick online form for a free, no-obligation proposal. We will send one of our team members who will assess your multi-housing laundry room and tailor a proposal specifically for your needs to ensure maximum resident satisfaction.

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