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New York has one of the highest number of apartment buildings in the country. One of the essential services residents and occupants of multi-dwelling buildings need is laundry service. More than that, they need the building to have high-quality laundry machines that are efficient and reliable. 

At Automatic Industries, Inc., we offer unique laundry solutions for apartments in New York. We can help you overcome the challenges of apartment building laundry in New York. 

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Understanding the Challenges of Apartment Building Laundry

One of the biggest challenges faced by apartment buildings in New York is limited space for laundry facilities. The limited square footage is not surprising as NYC is a densely populated city. However, this is not much consolation for apartment residents who have to suffer congestion and long queues to use laundry facilities. 

Another challenge is the rising cost of energy combined with inefficient laundry machines. Utilities costs are rising throughout the U.S., and New York is no exception. Apartment building owners are struggling to keep up with the rising energy costs. The best way to combat this issue is to have energy-efficient laundry equipment. 

Any type of machinery requires maintenance, but with their high usage, apartment laundry machines may require even more attention. This is especially true for outdated and inefficient machines. The older models don’t have the technology like programmable settings to help reduce the burden on the laundry machines. We can provide new, high-efficiency machines, with the latest technology.

Tailored Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings 

At Automatic Industries, Inc., we offer tailored laundry machines for apartment buildings. As a company local to New York, we understand the challenges faced by building operators and owners, and we have designed our solutions to help them overcome these challenges. We suggest the best machine configuration for your space and offer compact and stackable laundry equipment to help optimize space usage. Our team also manages the delivery and installation of laundry machines, which can often be heavy and difficult to maneuver. 

We also understand the importance of quiet and discreet operation at apartment buildings, so we will ensure there is minimal disruption to your residential setting. What’s more, we are conscious about the environment and ensure our practices are as eco-friendly as possible. 

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At Automatic Industries, Inc., we offer energy-efficient and cost-effective commercial laundry equipment in New York. We take the responsibility of managing the design, build, and operation of the laundry facility.

Call us to get a personalized quote. One of our expert consultants will assess your needs and offer recommendations for the best solution. Automatic Industries, Inc., will pick out the best machines based on the property’s needs. We also offer flexible payment systems, including Smart Cards. Allow us to make it easier for you to manage your apartment building. 

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