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Commercial equipment is a vital component of life in New York — a city home to various types of apartment complexes, and commercial properties. Laundry services within multiple dwellings like apartment buildings, co-ops, condos, high-rises, marinas, colleges, and universities ensure residents have access to clean linens and clothes. 

Automatic Industries Inc. can install the right laundry equipment based on your requirements and provide maintenance services to keep your residents and visitors happy. As a local company, our team can also handle customer queries. 

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Challenges New York Properties Face with Commercial Laundry 

Many laundry facilities in apartments in New York still use old equipment that is either inefficient or lacks the performance required for commercial loads. When buildings use outdated machines, their cost of operations goes up, for example, a newer machine will save the property in utility usage. New machines are highly efficient energy star rated. 

Optimizing space to accommodate laundry machines is another issue in New York buildings. This issue is not surprising as the city’s densely populated urban environment means space is at a premium. If you only have a few laundry machines, the residents will suffer long wait times, leading to frustration. Retrofitting laundry equipment can also be challenging and expensive. At Automatic Industries, Inc., we solve this problem for our clients by installing laundry machines designed for space optimization. 

The cost of using old and inefficient laundry equipment can add up over time. While getting cheap laundry equipment can save you some money upfront, it will cost you more in the long run. The best solution is to hire a company that can install and maintain commercial laundry machines in your building. With Automatic Industries, Inc., no purchase is necessary, as we provide the laundry equipment. You also don’t have to worry about finding and hiring the right people as our team will install and maintain the machines.

Another challenge is the rising energy costs. The way to overcome this challenge is to use energy-efficient laundry equipment. However, it’s not easy to find energy-efficient equipment. While many brands claim to offer energy-efficient machines, they fail to deliver the results. At Automatic Industries Inc., we only carry reputed brands that are known to deliver energy savings- Speed Queen Alliance, and LaundryLux Wascomat manufactured machinery. 

Key Features of High-Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

Energy Efficiency 

We can install high-efficiency machines to reduce energy bills. This helps minimize the operational costs of apartment complexes and other multi-dwelling buildings. Some of the newer laundry machine models achieve better energy efficiency through various tools such as programmable settings that conserve energy. 

Advanced Technology

Digital technology has evolved rapidly in the last two decades, and this is evident in high-quality commercial laundry equipment that now features digital interfaces with more intuitive controls. In some equipment, you get smart systems for remote monitoring and diagnostics. We offer innovative technology, such as our mobile app! We have smart monitoring and diagnostics — we can talk more about that in a consultation.


The top commercial laundry equipment providers focus on offering durable machines that require less frequent maintenance and are better equipped to withstand the tough conditions of commercial laundry facilities. If you choose Automatic Industries, Inc., you won’t have to worry about maintenance as maintenance is included in our service. 


You also get more customization with high-quality equipment so it can meet your needs. For example, some buildings might want to offer different parameters for their residents and visitors. Customization tools can cater to different needs. We can customize machine sizes and which payment systems best fit the demographics of the building.

Benefits of Upgrading New York Commercial Laundry Equipment 

You can overcome some of the challenges faced by the New York commercial laundry sector by having us set up and manage your laundry facilities.  Another important benefit of upgrading your commercial laundry equipment is the increased resident satisfaction and reputation of your building. If your residents are happy, you will have less turnover and attract new tenants. 

Laundry facilities in New York buildings are subject to certain local and state building codes and guidelines. Setting up a laundry facility that complies with these laws can often be challenging. The regulations may require certain design and safety features. In addition, the laundry facility must accommodate individuals with disabilities. There are also various electrical and plumbing codes, permits, etc. 

In some cases, property owners are required to obtain specific licenses (buildings in Manhattan are required to have operating sprinklers over gas dryers) and permits, which might have requirements for the type of laundry equipment they need to use. Equipment upgrades might also be needed to meet building codes and zoning regulations in New York. 

If you don’t want the hassle of upgrading laundry equipment in your building, allow Automatic Industries, Inc. to simplify the process for you by installing and maintaining the laundry equipment. 

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Why Choose Automatic Industries, Inc. for Commercial Laundry Equipment in New York

There is a lot of time, money, and energy needed to operate a successful commercial laundry business. We can make it easier for you. At Automatic Industries, Inc., we simplify laundry operations by providing the most suitable commercial machinery for your building in New York. We are responsible for any repairs and maintenance your commercial laundry equipment requires. 

In addition, we carry liability insurance and pay rent for the use of the space, so our services add another revenue item to your bottom line. In some cases, we can also provide additional services such as paint and furnishing of the space. 

We are proud to be a family-owned, woman-owned laundry services provider in New York. Our track record of success goes back to 1971 when our company was founded. We have extensive experience in the design and installation of laundry rooms for buildings in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. If you want to hear from our commercial laundry clients, we are glad to share references for our work. 

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