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While folks still need to wash their clothing, the methods of doing so have changed. Naturally, when installing new laundry rooms, energy efficiency is a significant factor. More and more co-op’s and Condominiums realize the importance of saving energy and water. As time progresses, coin-operated washers and dryers are becoming a thing of the past. Most people recognize and appreciate the convenience of laundry-card systems.

It is interesting to see folks get into a tizzy when they have to change their laundry habits. Senior Citizens significantly fall to pieces when they realize they can’t use quarters anymore. Adjusting to using less soap in the new high-efficiency washers is also a learning curve. It takes folks a few times to realize their clothing can come clean using less soap and water. It is helpful when the vendor holds instructional seminars educating the consumers on how to use the new machinery. It’s rewarding to return to a building a month after the new machinery has been installed and see how the residents change their perceptions. They learn to love the new system and machinery. It is just a matter of getting used to something different.

Energy efficiency and convenience are on the top of the list for board members and residents. The manufacturers have been telling us that eventually, they will mandate Energy Star-rated machinery in multiple dwelling environments.

It makes sense to comply with water regulations now if a building is renewing its contract. Utility usage is high, and an efficient method of doing laundry is of paramount importance. If buildings” can install machinery that utilizes a third of the water than traditional washers were using, why wouldn’t they? The card systems are terrific. They were perfected as technology improves. Currently, they are developing a system that allows folks to scan their credit card on the machine, similar to an EZ Pass. This system, when perfected, should reduce installation costs and the need for a secondary card.

It does not cost the building any money upfront to engage a professional laundry service provider. Change machines are a thing of the past. The majority of new installations include debit and credit card systems.

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