I have been an active member of my Co-op for the last sixteen years. Three years ago we finally had the opportunity to transition to a new laundry company. We went from a large national firm to AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES. Hands down, AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES takes professionalism to the next level. My super calls in a service issue and the technician shows up in a few hours. With our last company, the machine would stay out for a week or longer. I like the fact that the principal comes to the board meeting. If there is an issue, they return calls and the problem is solved.

- Board member – Queens, New York

My organization manages a good sized portfolio of buildings. I personally, have the job of dealing with a lot of different contractors. Since we have such a large group of properties, we are unable to give them everything. I put AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES in my buildings whenever I can. I can personally attest to the fact that AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES responds to the needs of my buildings. From transitioning to a new company, to servicing in a timely fashion, to cleaning up an accounting issue, they are very responsive to my calls.

- Property Manager

Some of our freshman students start school never having done their own laundry. AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES helps us transition the new students and their anxiety ridden parents. Automatic sends in a representative to freshman orientation to demonstrate the proper way to do laundry and how to use the card system. They explain that the new HE washers use very little water. The kids have to learn not to pour two cups of laundry soap into a wash load. We have plenty of fires to extinguish. It is a relief not to have to contend with “laundry issues”

- College Administrator

Since we are a very seasonal operation, we had a difficult time securing a laundry service provider. Some of the other companies that we contacted weren’t even interested in putting together a laundry room just for a few months. AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES came out, conducted a site survey and had us up and running before the season started. We have boats coming in daily from all over. When they call in to secure a slip, we are proud to list laundry as an extra amenity.

- Marina Operator

Since we manage Senior citizen facilities, we knew the residents would balk when we transitioned to a card system. AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES took this into consideration. They came to our community rooms and held educational seminars for our residents. They allocated a free laundry card to every apartment. Automatic Industries took the fear out of change. The residents love the new system. My organization recognizes and appreciates the accountability.

- Senior Citizen Residence Administrator

As the superintendent in an upscale apartment building in Manhattan, the majority of my day revolves around catering to the needs of my residents. Having worked in this field for many years, I know the importance of a functioning laundry facility. AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES has been servicing the laundry room in my building for the past five years and they have excelled in providing topnotch service. If there was ever a problem, a quick phone call answered by live people in the office has always led to a technician available within 24 hours.

- Superintendent

AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES is the laundry vendor in my building. As a young professional, finding the time for the weekly task of laundry tends to be difficult. The apartment building that I lived in prior had a laundry room that was strictly coin. Aside from the differences in service, running to the bank for quarters was as painful as doing the laundry. AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIES has transformed my current laundry room to a state-of-the art facility. Accommodating our “cashless society”, we add value to our laundry cards swiping debit/credit cards as opposed to inserting cash.

- Resident

24 Hour Service

We’re here to meet your specific laundry room needs! From equipment selection to installation and room modifications, your property can have a maintenance-free state-of-the-art laundry facility at no upfront cost and with no management hassles. If you ever have a problem, just give us call and our office and field fleet will take care of it promptly!