Why Choose Us

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple. Automatic Industries will provide the machinery at no cost to your property. We will conduct all repairs, carry liability insurance and pay a rental fee for the use of the space. It makes the most economical sense.

Why shouldn’t I buy my own equipment?

There is more to operating a laundry room than just collecting money. There is maintenance and customer service support associated with a running a laundry room. Inevitably, consumers have questions. This is another reason why Automatic Industries has live people answering the phones during working hours.

We own the equipment so we know our customers will not be happy and we will not be making money if the washer or dryer is not operating. You can be assured that we will send someone quickly (a lot quicker than if you needed to contact a separate maintenance provider)!

How is it more cost-effective to work with a professional laundry provider?

There is no capital outlay for your property. In addition to providing and installing the machinery, in some applications Automatic Industries will provide other useful amenities such as paint, tile room & room furnishings.

Why should you select Automatic Industries over a larger, national company?

We provide the differences that only people can make. From installation to level of service, we do more than just sign an account and disappear. We are in contact with the consumer for the life of the agreement.

Where should a landlord, a board, a super or a potential client begin?

It never hurts to meet with a representative to discuss you building’s needs. A professional can make recommendations for the best style and type of machinery. We have the trained eye necessary to make the right changes. It never costs you anything to get a proposal.